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... [Friday
26.10.2007 4:38]
[ mood | bouncy ]

haha, they don't stop at all!
So, here we go:

Elizabeth (3)
Will (3)
Jack (3)
Jack & Lizzy

Originally, I wanted to make 3 icons of Will&Elizabeth too, but there was no time.. 'cause I'm at my best friends' this weekend <3 I'm really looking forward. And tomorrow we're going to go to cinema. We'll look "Lizzy und der wilde Kaiser". Haha x) Well, Will has to be the "wilde Kaiser", doesn't he xD
(haha. my bad english. haha)
ok so.. cu. on... sunday or so.

love you all ^___^


icons ^_^ [Friday
26.10.2007 12:47]
made some more icons :)

lotr 13


computer science again.. [Monday
15.10.2007 11:40]
Hey, I'm back again ^^ 

alot of time passed by since my last entry, but there are hardly any news.. well, I made some icons, but they aren't really worth to be mentioned, just for or so.. 
well.. i'm soo proud <3 lol. i wrote an english assey yesterday.. gal helped me ^^ and he told me to read it out in my class. i did so (i was the only one who did so o: ) my english teacher praised me a lot ^___^

haha. yeah. and.. well. there are no news oO" 

bb ^^

new ones.. [Wednesday
03.10.2007 6:13]
[ mood | amused ]

Hello ev'rybody ;D
I got new Icons..



Aren't they great? I absolutley love them x) Particulary the fruity ones ^^

Well there aren't a lot of other news.. I got a lot of new music. Yah. That's it..

cu :)


back at home [Monday
01.10.2007 2:19]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Eyo :D

Lol .. yaa I'm back again and I'm bringing .. yeah, exactly, no (!) news xD

Well just let me think.. oh, yes.. hehe.. I got my english test back! And guess what it is - right, NO MISTAKES :D *glad* I'm normally not the best in vocabulary tests, 'cause I'm just to lazy to learn the words xD It was the same last week.. I had hardly any time.. but, well, I did it ^__^ maybe 'cause it was really easy.. but why the hell is there nobody else with a A? Oo"


computer science and how I discovered LJ [Monday
01.10.2007 8:09]
[ mood | amused ]

Heeellohw everybody :)

Well, I'm sittin' in school. It's a bit boring, I already did all the exercises in Excel. They're comparing at the moment.. so I thought I could post a post :) 

I joined to LJ yesterday. Thanks to Pim who wanted me to join ^_^ 

Soo here we are.. I'm bored but dunno what I should write oo" Just saw that theres Photoshop in this Computer so maybe I'll make some icons next lesson ^^ 
Ok.. it's going to ring in a few minutes. 

See ya :)


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